//berry delicious

21 Jun


so i came home to a nice little surprise last night. just after i talked myself out of skipping that oh so delicious bipartisan caramel coffee milkshake (which i’ve been sneaking off with at least once a week), i wandered in on something that would satisfy my sweet tooth. and i have to say, the grapes are perfectly crisp bites and the blueberries are perfectly ripe, but in all honesty, these are the most delicious strawberries i’ve ever had. EVER. thanks mom!

today i wondered… how will i make these into a meal. and lucky for me, my whole foods app, which all i have to do is type in my ingredients on hand, gave me this sweet little number:


i will use grapes instead of raspberries or blackberries, with spinach and i might only have gorgonzola & blue, not goat. but i can’t wait til lunch time!

//awesome people hanging out

20 Jun

so… i just have to give a shout out to the awesome people hanging out together tumblr.

this is a whole lot of greatness in all one place. these are some of my favorite combinations. i’d give something similar to my right arm just to be a part of some of these kick backs…

madonna, sting & 2pac

john krasinski & will arnett

bob marley, mick jagger & peter tosh

prince william, kanye, prince harry & p diddy

james dean & sammy davis jr

henry ford, thomas edison, warren g harding & harvey firestone

and that is just the beginning! there are some pretty phenomenal things happening…check it out, who are your favorites?

//run, catie, run

3 Jun

warning: there are a few preliminary explanations before we get to the meat of the story.

i first must explain the reasons why i run. i also should mention i have in my repertoire an amazing ability to outline. i would like to give credit to the tag program, during my 3rd grade year, to know the ins/outs/theory of outlining down the whens, wheres, and why of a hyphen. and it seems the most fitting (by fitting i mean: efficient-i’m all about efficiency) structure for explanation. (i’ll even break my commitment to all lowercase letters)

Why I Run

(in order from most superficial to least)

I. To Get Tan- Yes I am serious

A. I get bored laying out

B. I can count it as a workout

C. Occasionally I even add oil on my legs, so I don’t get only shoulder tan.

II. For Sport

A. Competition (my core could be made of this)

1. To have 3 sport patches on my letterman’s jacket at my sophomore year

2. Suicides

a. Usually a form of punishment- coaches make you

b. I just wanted to cross the lines first

B. Exercise

1. Cardio

2. Convenient

a. wherever you want

b. whenever you want

c. as long as you want

III. Necessity

A. For my life- I haven’t experienced this yet

B. From the law

1. Only once

2. I can’t go into more detail here


A. A place I rarely reach

B. Even when I try

C. I like to close my eyes at this stage- usually I get too scared to actually do it

ok, so this is where the story picks up, at roman numeral four. the other day i was at stage four (as i’ll refer to it from now on.) i went to glendoveer to go on a run, i’ve had a crazy schedule and was missing my morning workouts so thought of running (stage II. B. 2.) i like glendoveer for a few reasons… 1. it is about 2 miles which is the perfect distance for a jog that i will have to go all the way around instead of cheating. and makes really great increments if i choose to go another lap. 2. it’s nicer to look at than the street. 3. it’s not too scary, there are always golfers around.


and to give you an idea of my state of mind, i need you to play this video. i’ve been listening to amos lee’s mission bell and this song was on my playlist:

did you really press play??? humor me.. let it load a bit, then move forward.

ok, now the real story begins. so there i am enjoying glendoveer (and their use of signs. first, i followed the parking lot one, that tells joggers not to go past a certain point, it is ringside parking only.) next i stretch and then i turn on mission bell. i realize i am at stage 4. i get through the first song, then the one you’re listening to (you better be) came on. and now i’m at IV. C. where i want to close my eyes.

i noticed in the parking lot there were barely any cars (only nice ones-which i think means they’re golfers-not runners) so no one would notice me running, eyes closed and judge me.

because this was one of my first runs in a while, i decided to go for it. let go of my fears of running into something, and i was on a wide path, mostly straight.

i should also tell you, how nice it smells.

it’s raining. but light rain. and warm rain. it’s perfect.

i’m surrounded by trees and it smells so spring like. it smells like i am in the middle of no where and just woke up, unzipped my tent and stepped out onto a wildernessy camp ground, with the essence of dew.

are you there? can you imagine it?

close your eyes for a second and take it all in…

i’m running with eyes closed, then one eye closed just to peek, then both again closed, assured this is exactly how this moment was intended to be. and then, it happened so fast. i ate it. i ate mud. i somehow slipped and found myself on my rear end. i opened my eyes. as i was picking myself up, i noticed another nice sign: “joggers, be cautious. with the recent rain, the ground is wet and slippery.” indeed. thanks glendoveer. for your too late warning and for your irony. next time please put a sign on the beginning of my path that says, dear stage four runners, don’t close your eyes.

enjoy the rest of the song!

//check, check, check!

2 Jun

lodging accommodations, check.

travel accommodations, check.

happiness & longing, check. check. check!

fiji & honeymoon, here we come! (pictures from pinterest)

(i’ve wrote enough “check’s” the word looks misspelled, is it?)

ps: if you have any fijian ideas… let me know 🙂

pps: i usually never spell check, i did today and good thing because i originally misspelled ‘mispelled’


//hump day

1 Jun

as they call it. (according to my friend nicole; i’ve never actually heard anyone else i know use this expression..but that could just because it’s awkward)

however, i do feel like i am getting over the hump (if that’s what this expression means). the past couple of weeks has been crazy with internships, work and classes among other things and feel like i am finally starting to breath. the main thing consuming my time as of now, are invitations! which i am excited about. and thankful for my dear friend rachel and her amazing mind and hands. they will be finished, i’m willing to guess in the next 24 hours. YAY.

other enjoyments… yesterday i spent the day in the dalles/hoodriver with my mom doing wedding things and taking a break at double mountain brewery  in the beautiful sunshine. i was considering not coming back, but fortunately for you portland, you decided to put an 85er in the forcast for saturday.

among my purchases on our adventure were a straw tote i’ve been longing for but holding out until the price was right, and $20 seemed much more reasonable than the offer i received from j.crew (though i do love you j.crew). and two books. TWO BOOKS I DON’T HAVE TIME TO READ. but two books worth my lust.

first, i saw on rachael ray a while back (to be clear, i don’t really watch day time tv unless it is regis & kelly or the last few episodes of oprah, so this happened to be the 1 time a year i deviate and caught this), a cook book by gwyneth paltrow called my father’s daughter. a tribute to the time spent with her father and their celebrations of life with food.

on first glance, i’m excited to try these recipes:

for kyle

for maria

for me

for everyone

secondly, i saw a trailer for the help. most likely on the 1 episode of rachael ray i saw 😉 i’m making it sound like i watch so much tv, or perhaps i’m in denial and this is my wake up call.


i was intrigued with the combination of my heart’s passion for social justice and recently finishing a class on diversity and race. AND since we all know the books are better than the movies i decided to read before (if) i watch.

so whenever the window opens in my schedule, so shall this book.


6 May

i just want to give a shout-out to the folks at burgerville.


here’s the story: kyle and i went to take our engagement photos yesterday, which ps i am really excited about. but i’ll brag more about it when i can show you something. afterward we went to visit a great friend who was in the hospital for appendicitis. on an all liquid diet. an all liquid diet?! we both thought that sucked and decided a smoothie was the best ‘liquid.’ so anyway, we go to get in the car from our shoot and within 2 minutes of sitting down i felt really sick. i thought it could be from not eating, or being dehydrated but was not sure. so en route to burgerville for a seasonal smoothie i told kyle i just wanted a water and 1 fry, 1 fry! was that too much to ask. but that was impossible, so we ordered the smoothie, the water and drove to window numero 2. my wonderful future husband then asked for 1 fry, and what did the lovely burgerville girl do? with a smile on her face…

thank you.

i was pleasantly surprised and am thankful for the courteous whimsy of generosity.

//in tandem

3 May

more for your sake than mine, i’ve been avoiding anything wedding to post about. it all becomes so consuming (in the most pleasant of ways) but i am sure gets old real fast to onlookers..

however, i cannot get over this. i periodically check back to make sure it still exists.

and is nothing like my own future wedding, so i feel at peace with sharing this amazing event.

i mean AMAZING.

“rebecca & derek” (that is no attempt to preserve confidence, those are their real names, i just feel too estranged to be on a first name basis with either of them, so i used quotes) surprised their guests after the ceremony with BIKES to a picnic! something you can only plan with confidence in sunny california. they planned lots of fun details for the whole day, check it out and feel free to read more. this is just a small glimpse:

incredible pictures by rachel thurston featured on green wedding shoes

ps: i feel like i’m inviting animosity, but this excites me much more than any royal wedding.

//it was the freakin’-weekend

2 May

“…and i had me some fun.” -r.kelly

sidenote: [2 weeks?! that’s how long it’s been. as my friends recognized my absence (2 of them) i didn’t realize until this moment how long it had really been. but my term is over, i have a couple weeks ’til summer session starts, and hopefully i’ll be back on the wagon- as they say.]

back to the post…

looking back, i had the best weekend i’ve had in a long time. friday, kyle & i finished registering… sort of. we had a delish bite to eat at kenny & zukes. and ended with a wonderful night of friends to celebrate our dear friend kev leaving for norway. because we can’t stand it any longer, kyle and i were planning to move up the wedding, but now we can’t since we must wait for kevin’s return 😉

photos BevAndSteve & babypicturethis

saturday most of my dreams came true. i don’t mean most as in quantity of dreams, but most like percentage of my dreaming bank. ballet takes up 85 percent of that lot and i finally started ballet. i have always appreciated (which means getting emotional, on the verge of tears/or letting them fly, while i watch) the art of ballet. not only is it beautifully graceful-i realize that sounds redundant-but it is also incredibly difficult, taking a lifetime to perfect, and the amount of discipline and energy that goes into a relevé, let alone the final product, is overwhelming whenever i get to watch a performance. so there i was, in my 3rd ballet experience wide-eyed and full of hope. everyone in the class was incredibly nice. my teacher had to correct me about every ten minutes (hands, high neck, pointed toes, hips forward, elbows up, thumbs down, shoulders back, taller, taller, taller) it was the hardest thing i’ve ever done, but loved every second of it.

photos flickr & pinterest

followed by the beginning process of invitation making!!! one of my favorite people in the world, rachel k. silva, designed an amazing invitation that will be screen printed almost 200 times. after boycotting walmart for the past 23 years raquel said we needed to go there to get some supplies. i will spare you the details of our trip and just say this: you know you’re at walmart when… you ask for help, they don’t know and walk away; get a top shelf bottle of wine for $8.47; get scorned and ridiculed for not wanting a bag at checkout. after almost flooding the basement, building a workshop, vulnerably singing with rach and alyssa, and all the work was done we could do we went to celebrate the birthday of my wonderful trainer: emily johnson. at floyd’s coffee shop in old town, super cute; great food by chef from andina’s, super delicious.

and dum, da, daa, duuumm: sunday. church-check. holy spirit-check. sunshine-check. groceries-check. picnic basket-check. blankets-check. pinhole camera-check. 35mm film camera-check. laurelhurst park-check. future husband-check. great friends-check. wonderful time-CHECK.

//another one bites the dust

15 Apr

this morning i woke up not feeling so hot. i went to my morning work out anyway. and then i had to leave early! i was so terribly sick. with the worst stomach cramping i have ever experienced. in fact, i’m not sure i’ve even had a real stomach cramp before today. so i went home and laid down, eventually fell asleep to awake 4 hours later. and felt a little better. (except that i still haven’t eaten, and usually i’ll have had 3 meals by now.)

so anyway, i have a birthday party tonight, which i was looking forward to because this is my first outside-school-folk, outside-internship-folk faces i’ll have seen in like a week. not to mention i’d like to celebrate becca! which brings me to the

next thing, i tried on 3 pairs of tights and had to throw them all away. all of them. which made me sad. it feels like i just bought new tights recently, couldn’t find any (and i can always find everything in my room-messy or not) and then once i did they all had snags in them. i will have to make a trip to nordstrom‘s to go get some more, they are my favorite tights because 1. they are “comfort top” which means there is not an elastic band that is uncomfortable 2. they’re the perfect mix of sheer and opaque 3. they’re only $14.50.

since i didn’t know what to wear, and i was feeling under the weather (physically and emotionally) i put on the one thing that will always make me happy.

what is it? a bodysuit.

i LOVE bodysuits. the one thing that will lift my spirits. i think it’s my inner ballerina. (my dream, if i could start life over again would have been to be a ballerina…it’s sad that at 23 it’s too late for that.)

“a bodysuit, feels like a never ending hug.” that’s my slogan for when my friends make fun of me. but that’s okay, and one of those friends, is becca, though in all honesty i think the idea has grown on her.

ok, i realize a crochet bodysuit goes against the grain, but i loved the photo (from late afternoon) other body suits from free people, urban outfitters and modcloth.

//modern family

14 Apr

what am i thinking about right now? i have an episode of my favorite show waiting for me in my queue. and that is just the pick-me-up i need. i am the type of person that tries to boycott tv, i wont have cable in my house, but once i get hooked on a show…i can’t stop watching it. and that show for me right now, is modern family. and don’t get me wrong i am a city girl through and through, but they make the suburbs look fun.

it’s a show i got caught up on, then somehow got kyle hooked on (a simple task), and now we watch it together. so i have to wait! hopefully one day soon i’ll get to see him again 😉 my current schedule has just been making that difficult.

on the other hand, i just took a 4 hour nap. and yes, i could fall asleep for the rest of the night/probably will. that is how tired i am. i’ll call that a suitable solution.

pictures from abc and teenormous

did i mention, phil is by far my favorite character.

Haley: Dad, gross, your hand smells like cheese.
Phil: I didn’t want to dirty a knife.

Phil: Oh yeah, everybody loves Michael Jordan, but nobody thinks of Scottie Pippin. The only reason I remember him is because he’s named after my favorite musical.

Phil: Luke, I am your father. That’s what I said to you when you were coming out of your mom’s lady parts.

Phil: She has to run everyday or she goes crazy, she’s like a Border Collie.
Claire: Did you just compare me to a dog?!?
Phil: The smartest in the world!

Phil: Or you could just be nice and pay it forward. They don’t make movies out of bad ideas.

Phil: You can insult a lot of things about me – my hair, my voice, my balance-board exercises – but don’t insult my selling. That crosses a line. What line? Oh, you don’t see it? That’s because I just sold it!

Phil: Goodbye Dunphy Christmas. Haley, I guess you’re not getting that car.
Haley: I was getting a car?
Phil: No, I was lying. Because that’s what Dunphys do now, we’re liars.

//st. jacks

13 Apr

i cannot bring myself to finish posting about ny. and i will finish it, just not yet. it has been far too long since i’ve done anything, i told myself today i have to do something! i have been crazy busy finishing up my term and trying to honor all my commitments. and though it is the people in my life who i love, i am mostly missing, there is only a couple more weeks of this. (a couple more weeks sounds really long) oh well.

on another note, i just finished up one of my internships for the day and need to head to class. i decided however, to stop and get an apple brie tartine from my 2011 favorite coffee shop. i respect this place because 1. it’s french, 2. like legitimately so: from music to madelines (i like it more than petit provence), 3. it’s in a fun area (i am going to swing by the farmer’s market 1 block away as soon as i hit post), 4. it’s interior is fantastic, for cafe by day and restaurant bar by night, 5. has happy hour, 6. it’s NOT crowded. i have an affinity for most cafes with good food, but i do not like thinking of meeting someone and my next thought being, will we find a table.

and oh yeah… 7. my number one guilty pleasure in life is a croissant

so drumrolllllll please, thank you st. jack’s.

photos from st. jack by kimi kolba photography

//which was a wednesday by the way

2 Apr

so i am, in fact, continuing with project phone photography. there has just been too much to do here. but we got to new york, way back (which was a wednesday by the way) and had a relaxing afternoon with some middle eastern food before a nap. a great night out with some of the best brussel sprouts i’ve ever had, and a lightly pickled golden egg-weird i know, but delicious! the night was nice and we knew rain was coming the next day, so we went to times square, since this is rach’s first time in ny we had to check it out of course.

//farewell nashville

31 Mar

tuesday was our last day in nashville. yeah, i’m a little behind. had breakfast with a heart attack. they happened to be filming, the best thing i ever ate.

one of my favorite parts to nashville is seeing the beautiful homes. and just so you know, these were on the lower end of their nice homes, they were just the ones close enough for me to catch driving by on our scenic trip with my cell phone.

stopped by jack white’s studio

we were treated to a homemade rhubarb beverage. then went to the most southern type restaurant i can think of. you sit down family style and there’s no menu, they just bring you food. delicious food. best fried chicken and corn bread pudding. and this was where tony bennett happened to be celebrating his birthday. we were at tony bennett’s birthday party! followed by a trendy-schmendy place with delicious drinks and amazing ice cubes. (their dress code? “preserve the sexy”)

//breakfast of champions

29 Mar

nashville day 3:

let’s just say we woke up at 11… rach and i joined chris, our host, and his friend for their lunch, our breakfast. it is amazing we slept that long, and more amazing our first stop was a near by burger place, where we enjoyed one of the most delicious burgers i’ve ever had… with pepperjack cheese and sweet potato fries, regular ketchup and spicy!

one of the only things rachel wanted to do this trip was to stop by some studios and hand out mini portfolios. simple, right? wellllllll let’s just say we made 3 stops to the print shop, and spent many a hours of labor. a little unexpected in terms of what we had planned for the day, but they turned out beautiful!!! success.

we also spotted this glimpse of beauty leaving the print shop (round 2) poking through an open garage. the sunset was much needed by this time in the day.

by 10, when we finished, we were starving. considering we only snacked since our “breakfast” that makes complete sense. we were borderline passing out. we went to a restaurant in a cute part of town, luckily made it in 10 minutes before their kitchen closed, and our wait for this meal was so worth it. we both started with a white bean, cabbage, carrot, onion soup, followed by a kale-arugula salad with peanuts, raisins, parmesan and some chilli gnocci to share, for dessert a chocolate bourbon cake. it was a perfect ending to the night.

//southern charm-ed

28 Mar

nashville day 2:

first of all i am going to ask for your apologies because there are too many photos to choose from for project phone photography. i’ll try my best but the day was full of aesthetically pleasing, adventure quenching photo opportunities.

yesterday, rachel and i went on a run as soon as we woke up. after we showered, we were presented with delicious coffee from nicaragua and a breakfast for champions.

our first stop of the day was the flea market. and let me tell you, i was one inch short of heaven. this flea market makes costco look like a 7-11. (i’ve been known to exaggerate, but this is not one of those times.) i wanted to furnish my whole [imaginary] house. every thing was not only adorable but cheap. from the few antique shops i’ve been to in portland, i’d guess that everything was 1/3 of the cost. southern charm is just so accessible. my purchases of the day: locket $10, boots $25, pipe $30, lantern $18 and some sugar and cinnamon roasted pecans, fresh & warm.

my favorite finds were a beautiful pair of lamps. and a cerulean blue with leather seats set of refurbished chairs. the best find was probably a chastity belt. yep! a chastity belt.

mary, our host, let us know about this marshmallow joint. that was our next step of the journey. it was in a cute part of town, probably most comparable to portland. and what did we find? a coffee shop dedicated to portland. we had to try it. the coffee was acceptable, but the most convincing part was all of the macbooks sitting out. however, the guy at the counter was anti-social, unknowledgeable and we felt no loyalty to this ‘portland’ so we left.

we spotted another coffee shop about a block away. on our way to it, we stumbled upon custom jeans shop and boutique. the interior was perfectly done. see for yourself! then just outside we got our marshmallows with some hot chocolate. and finally we made it to our coffee shop. a lovely atmosphere, with a loft for the dj and beautiful photographs on the wall. they made good coffee, which i have learned is a rarity in nashville.

i’m not exactly sure how this happened, but we ended up at a smoke house. and by smoke house i mean it’s like a bar or coffee shop except with delicious tobacco. cigars and pipes and dominos and chess and sports tv and really nice workers. they cleaned out our flea market pipes and let us sample some flavors. i am normally against this sort of thing but we had a really great time and hung out there for longer than i would have ever expected.

around the time we left it became nap time. we headed home and of course woke up to a wonderful dinner. we seriously have the best hosts ever. ever. some pasta with a spicy sausage andouille and some collared greens and rosemary bread. everything from the local farmer’s market. and let’s not forget, strawberry pie for dessert.