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//another one bites the dust

15 Apr

this morning i woke up not feeling so hot. i went to my morning work out anyway. and then i had to leave early! i was so terribly sick. with the worst stomach cramping i have ever experienced. in fact, i’m not sure i’ve even had a real stomach cramp before today. so i went home and laid down, eventually fell asleep to awake 4 hours later. and felt a little better. (except that i still haven’t eaten, and usually i’ll have had 3 meals by now.)

so anyway, i have a birthday party tonight, which i was looking forward to because this is my first outside-school-folk, outside-internship-folk faces i’ll have seen in like a week. not to mention i’d like to celebrate becca! which brings me to the

next thing, i tried on 3 pairs of tights and had to throw them all away. all of them. which made me sad. it feels like i just bought new tights recently, couldn’t find any (and i can always find everything in my room-messy or not) and then once i did they all had snags in them. i will have to make a trip to nordstrom‘s to go get some more, they are my favorite tights because 1. they are “comfort top” which means there is not an elastic band that is uncomfortable 2. they’re the perfect mix of sheer and opaque 3. they’re only $14.50.

since i didn’t know what to wear, and i was feeling under the weather (physically and emotionally) i put on the one thing that will always make me happy.

what is it? a bodysuit.

i LOVE bodysuits. the one thing that will lift my spirits. i think it’s my inner ballerina. (my dream, if i could start life over again would have been to be a ballerina…it’s sad that at 23 it’s too late for that.)

“a bodysuit, feels like a never ending hug.” that’s my slogan for when my friends make fun of me. but that’s okay, and one of those friends, is becca, though in all honesty i think the idea has grown on her.

ok, i realize a crochet bodysuit goes against the grain, but i loved the photo (from late afternoon) other body suits from free people, urban outfitters and modcloth.