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//awesome people hanging out

20 Jun

so… i just have to give a shout out to the awesome people hanging out together tumblr.

this is a whole lot of greatness in all one place. these are some of my favorite combinations. i’d give something similar to my right arm just to be a part of some of these kick backs…

madonna, sting & 2pac

john krasinski & will arnett

bob marley, mick jagger & peter tosh

prince william, kanye, prince harry & p diddy

james dean & sammy davis jr

henry ford, thomas edison, warren g harding & harvey firestone

and that is just the beginning! there are some pretty phenomenal things happening…check it out, who are your favorites?


//it was the freakin’-weekend

2 May

“…and i had me some fun.” -r.kelly

sidenote: [2 weeks?! that’s how long it’s been. as my friends recognized my absence (2 of them) i didn’t realize until this moment how long it had really been. but my term is over, i have a couple weeks ’til summer session starts, and hopefully i’ll be back on the wagon- as they say.]

back to the post…

looking back, i had the best weekend i’ve had in a long time. friday, kyle & i finished registering… sort of. we had a delish bite to eat at kenny & zukes. and ended with a wonderful night of friends to celebrate our dear friend kev leaving for norway. because we can’t stand it any longer, kyle and i were planning to move up the wedding, but now we can’t since we must wait for kevin’s return 😉

photos BevAndSteve & babypicturethis

saturday most of my dreams came true. i don’t mean most as in quantity of dreams, but most like percentage of my dreaming bank. ballet takes up 85 percent of that lot and i finally started ballet. i have always appreciated (which means getting emotional, on the verge of tears/or letting them fly, while i watch) the art of ballet. not only is it beautifully graceful-i realize that sounds redundant-but it is also incredibly difficult, taking a lifetime to perfect, and the amount of discipline and energy that goes into a relevé, let alone the final product, is overwhelming whenever i get to watch a performance. so there i was, in my 3rd ballet experience wide-eyed and full of hope. everyone in the class was incredibly nice. my teacher had to correct me about every ten minutes (hands, high neck, pointed toes, hips forward, elbows up, thumbs down, shoulders back, taller, taller, taller) it was the hardest thing i’ve ever done, but loved every second of it.

photos flickr & pinterest

followed by the beginning process of invitation making!!! one of my favorite people in the world, rachel k. silva, designed an amazing invitation that will be screen printed almost 200 times. after boycotting walmart for the past 23 years raquel said we needed to go there to get some supplies. i will spare you the details of our trip and just say this: you know you’re at walmart when… you ask for help, they don’t know and walk away; get a top shelf bottle of wine for $8.47; get scorned and ridiculed for not wanting a bag at checkout. after almost flooding the basement, building a workshop, vulnerably singing with rach and alyssa, and all the work was done we could do we went to celebrate the birthday of my wonderful trainer: emily johnson. at floyd’s coffee shop in old town, super cute; great food by chef from andina’s, super delicious.

and dum, da, daa, duuumm: sunday. church-check. holy spirit-check. sunshine-check. groceries-check. picnic basket-check. blankets-check. pinhole camera-check. 35mm film camera-check. laurelhurst park-check. future husband-check. great friends-check. wonderful time-CHECK.

//modern family

14 Apr

what am i thinking about right now? i have an episode of my favorite show waiting for me in my queue. and that is just the pick-me-up i need. i am the type of person that tries to boycott tv, i wont have cable in my house, but once i get hooked on a show…i can’t stop watching it. and that show for me right now, is modern family. and don’t get me wrong i am a city girl through and through, but they make the suburbs look fun.

it’s a show i got caught up on, then somehow got kyle hooked on (a simple task), and now we watch it together. so i have to wait! hopefully one day soon i’ll get to see him again 😉 my current schedule has just been making that difficult.

on the other hand, i just took a 4 hour nap. and yes, i could fall asleep for the rest of the night/probably will. that is how tired i am. i’ll call that a suitable solution.

pictures from abc and teenormous

did i mention, phil is by far my favorite character.

Haley: Dad, gross, your hand smells like cheese.
Phil: I didn’t want to dirty a knife.

Phil: Oh yeah, everybody loves Michael Jordan, but nobody thinks of Scottie Pippin. The only reason I remember him is because he’s named after my favorite musical.

Phil: Luke, I am your father. That’s what I said to you when you were coming out of your mom’s lady parts.

Phil: She has to run everyday or she goes crazy, she’s like a Border Collie.
Claire: Did you just compare me to a dog?!?
Phil: The smartest in the world!

Phil: Or you could just be nice and pay it forward. They don’t make movies out of bad ideas.

Phil: You can insult a lot of things about me – my hair, my voice, my balance-board exercises – but don’t insult my selling. That crosses a line. What line? Oh, you don’t see it? That’s because I just sold it!

Phil: Goodbye Dunphy Christmas. Haley, I guess you’re not getting that car.
Haley: I was getting a car?
Phil: No, I was lying. Because that’s what Dunphys do now, we’re liars.

//farewell nashville

31 Mar

tuesday was our last day in nashville. yeah, i’m a little behind. had breakfast with a heart attack. they happened to be filming, the best thing i ever ate.

one of my favorite parts to nashville is seeing the beautiful homes. and just so you know, these were on the lower end of their nice homes, they were just the ones close enough for me to catch driving by on our scenic trip with my cell phone.

stopped by jack white’s studio

we were treated to a homemade rhubarb beverage. then went to the most southern type restaurant i can think of. you sit down family style and there’s no menu, they just bring you food. delicious food. best fried chicken and corn bread pudding. and this was where tony bennett happened to be celebrating his birthday. we were at tony bennett’s birthday party! followed by a trendy-schmendy place with delicious drinks and amazing ice cubes. (their dress code? “preserve the sexy”)

//project phone photography

26 Mar

i took a photo the other day, on my iphone, and was inspired to take interesting photos using only that. here she is. part of the effect was the tinting on my car window (hands free?). an unforeseen consequence but wonderful. 

so here i am, on my trip and going to implement project phone photography. a perfect opportunity for success or devastating failure. no slr? we’ll see.

nashville day 1:

(jet lag for sure. but it is so great to see some of the most wonderful hosts the world has ever known. and be with friends with the city’s offerings. and we may have had breakfast with mat kearny. well, near him. the photos will show my highlights of the day, marché: where i found my spinach crèpe with potatoes, bacon and a parmesan sauce, rachel’s asparagus, egg bruschetta, the holland house: which was described to me as cocktails at anthropologie and it definitely fit the bill. i did not order a drink seeing as i’ve been beverage-sugar-ed out with previous giftings from our hosts but had a tomato basil bisque, and we shared deep-fried cheesecake.) i am going running in the morning!

//feelin’ green

17 Mar

happy st. patty’s.

first things first, i seriously love this photo. it could be that ireland is in my top 3 dream destinations (sitting next to new zealand and russia.) it could be her impeccable style, striped tunic, with a neutral sweater on top and some bold mary janes, over some tall wool socks. but mostly, it’s because the girl is a badass. from this day forward, every viewer she shares this with, will give her respect. i played with barbies… she held down beasts with horns.


next things, next…

i’m going to be real honest. it’s that time of the year i hate working with kids. ok, that’s a bit strong. not hate. but really… pinching, any touching, crossing boundaries, ugh. i would like to picture myself, on my high and mighty horse, opposing green, making a stand because it is such a silly tradition. but i’m a coward. to conform is my only safeguard. i need the assurance, no mischievous elementary school kids will be acting like leprechauns. not on my watch.

if you could see me this morning:

i think this is better than dorothy:

mmm…window shutters with a green pop. yes please.


i normally consider myself someone who dislikes hair clips of the floral nature. but i find these rather pleasant.

i love the parisian influence; especially the chair but the bold green dresser definitely makes the vision complete.

everything about this photo reminds me of my friend brittany. and if you know her, you definitely agree.


good luck to you!

may we have pinch free days

//ashes, ashes, we all fall down.

9 Mar

…i know i sure do.

“remember, O man, that you are dust and to dust you shall return”

in honor of ash wednesday, the first day of lent:

photo by James Horan

good news.


//mardi gras

8 Mar

happy mardi gras! last year, around this time, i went to new orleans. and it must have infiltrated my mind… for the past month, i have this nostalgic feeling that makes me feel like i need to go back. in all fairness to my weak mind, it was one of the best trips i’ve ever been on. i am missing new orleans… siiigh.

side note: we were not there over the holiday, in fact we intentionally avoided bourbon street while we were there. but accidentally we stumbled onto it and those 8 minutes turned out to be the most interesting people-watching minutes i may have ever had. and it was on a weekday afternoon… i cannot begin to imagine the chaos during an actual celebration.

we did spend a lot of time in the french quarter. there were tons of musicians and artists and performers. there were, what seemed like hundreds, of people standing frozen in character (like these next two):

tons of beautiful masks, it’s hard to believe that all the shops stay in business selling the same thing. but in our short time we must have seen at least 15 shops or vendors within 10 block radius. mask shops must be like the coffee shops of new orleans.

i had my first beignet from the famous café du monde, and it was love at first taste.

but our most favorite place was outside all the hustle and bustle. maya’s. it may actually be my favorite restaurant in all the world.

i really love basically everything about this city. it had a lot of charm, some of the buildings were to die for.

everything we ate was phenomenal. if you’re looking for some shrimp po boys, i’ve never had better bread, then at pascal’s.

my pictures from march 2010

if i were there right now, i’d probably be wearing something like this:

dresses from modcloth


2 Mar

Late one evening a couple years ago, Kyle and I took a trip to voodoo donuts, as we often did during that season of life. I most naturally ordered a “Dirt Donut” which has vanilla frosting and oreo’s (oreo’s are one of my guilty pleasures). Kyle probably got a bacon maple bar, or something with fruity pebbles (I really have no idea, we just usually have opposite tastes in things we indulge in, and I usually find his disgusting.)

Anyway, we met a man named Carl, likely homeless and likely high. But we talked with Carl and he explained to us “globo” which I will attempt to explain and will most certainly fail. Globo is a substance that makes up most of the things of the world, being rigidly controlled by the conspiratorial government. For example, the building we were facing would fit into a microchip-size charm that could fit on Carl’s shoe. I will have to stop here because it became too complex for me to wrap my head around and I think I am beginning to get a headache. But from this day on we called him Globo-Carl and he comes up perhaps more than you’d initially think.

Also, something to know, but maybe not care to know, about me is that I like to take on causes. To the point it has sort of become a joke. Even as a kid I would make my mom pull over to feed the people standing on the side of the road, write letters to the car lot companies who leave their lights on over night and waste electricity, my distaste for bulk water bottles thrown away once empty, the list only goes on. Eventually I diagnosed myself with “globo-chondria” which combines Carl’s idea of globo with the disorder hypochondria referring to excessive preoccupation or worry. It is important to note my globo-chondria has no cure, the passion will run through my veins forever. and ever. and ever.

This brings me to my final point. Yes, I am telling you all of this for a reason. Through one of my favorite bloggers, co-founder of soulpancake: gloriz, I learned of this crazy cool initiative Unheard in NY. This is an initiative to give voices to the homeless residents of NYC and allow them to speak for themselves. They provided 4 men with their own cell phone, unlimited texts and twitter account. By getting to know them as individuals, their social media presence creates real interaction and includes them in our global community.

I have usually found twitter slightly, sometimes overly, obnoxious but I think for the first time I am intrigued to have an account to follow these gentlemen. One of the men, Danny, posted a picture and his number in order to find his daughter he hasn’t seen in eleven years AND she contacted him the next day!!! Seriously, how can you not eat this up?! So moving and inspirational. You should check it out, there are a number of amazing responses to these men.