//st. jacks

13 Apr

i cannot bring myself to finish posting about ny. and i will finish it, just not yet. it has been far too long since i’ve done anything, i told myself today i have to do something! i have been crazy busy finishing up my term and trying to honor all my commitments. and though it is the people in my life who i love, i am mostly missing, there is only a couple more weeks of this. (a couple more weeks sounds really long) oh well.

on another note, i just finished up one of my internships for the day and need to head to class. i decided however, to stop and get an apple brie tartine from my 2011 favorite coffee shop. i respect this place because 1. it’s french, 2. like legitimately so: from music to madelines (i like it more than petit provence), 3. it’s in a fun area (i am going to swing by the farmer’s market 1 block away as soon as i hit post), 4. it’s interior is fantastic, for cafe by day and restaurant bar by night, 5. has happy hour, 6. it’s NOT crowded. i have an affinity for most cafes with good food, but i do not like thinking of meeting someone and my next thought being, will we find a table.

and oh yeah… 7. my number one guilty pleasure in life is a croissant

so drumrolllllll please, thank you st. jack’s.

photos from st. jack by kimi kolba photography


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