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//it’s what’s on the outside that counts…

7 Mar

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover you say? I say DO. Well when it comes to great packaging. There are always those things that you want to buy simply because they just look cool. Props to those with the talent to make me conform. The wonderful people of Lovely Package consider themselves to be “curating the very best packaging design.” Such an original niche for a blog, I’m sold. Some of my favorites due to their simple yet thoroughly creative design using natural colors:

Better Half by VSA Partners

wooden shoebox by Society 27

glass bottle by Gauthier

wallet envelope by bellroy

Rubén Álvarez Yogurt by Zoo

pure honey by the ballard bee company


//happy valentine’s day

14 Feb

So I was thinking about it, and even though I give Valentine’s day a lot of flack now days, I remember a time when I loved it. Elementary school. It was one of my favorite times of year, purely because I got to decorate my very own shoe box or paper bag. With that in mind, this year I wanted a simple way to tell those close to me I care. This is my twist on the box of chocolates or suckers for the modern Valentine.

This is a really cheap idea with most supplies being things you have lying around the house. I got the boxes at a craft store for 75¢ and the valentine style ribbon at the same store for $1. I used a gold paint pen to decorate the boxes with uncomplicated patterns. I would have maybe tried something more sophisticated but I was afraid the pen would die after I’ve used it all week on another project and getting carried away doodling because they’re so fun! I used tissue paper I had from home and cut wax paper into squares to line the boxes.

On the tops of the boxes, as well as the insides, I wrote some short & sweet messages personalized for each recipient. I used stamps and micron pens (which are amazing! unfortunately they can run between $15 and $20 at the store but I bought 2 packs, a black and a color on amazon for $8 or less)

Next, I went to my friendly neighborhood store to buy a variety of fillings in bulk. Everyone I had wanted to shop for has such different tastes. On the left, I got some peanut clusters and peanut butter malt balls and on the right, some dried sweetened cranberries and walnuts. Each box had something different (I spent around $20 for 5 boxes worth of fillings-with some left overs of course). It would be great to also use savory snacks. Now, you know when you go to a market/co-op type store and buy flowers, they wrap them for you in a sheet of brown paper and tissue? Well I always save those things, and for the “more perishable” foods, I used that tissue because it’s different in texture, waxier, I didn’t know how the regular tissue paper would hold up with foods like strawberries. 

and Violà! a small gift, for really any occasion or thank you.

//you’re so punny

11 Feb

Valentine’s Day is never a day I’ve taken too seriously. Yet cards and small gifts are always fun. This is one of the times of year (since it’s not a real holiday) to throw in a little mockery. Fact: I love a bad pun, or a silly play on words, or just plain cheesy cards. Especially when it’s done nice, screen-print or letterpress like. For your merriment:

from hello luckyfrom egg press

from michellebrusegaard

//wood you be mine

7 Feb

[wood]: the hard fibrous material that forms the main substance of the trunk or branches. best used for the following…

large stained wood tags $6 from olive manna

wood grained pitcher $58 from terrain

ordinal dresser $998 from anthropologie

‘italian cypress’ by tom ford $190 from nordstrom

seascape stamp set $30 by yellow owl workshop

aviator sunglasses by alexander mcqueen $480 from nordstrom