about me

My name is Catherine Harrington, people call me Catie or Cate. I have a hard time settling my heart on one thing: lunch, shoes, career, you name it! What is this blog about? What is my niche? If by niche you mean: fashion or home decor or design or crafts then we’re on the same page! literally.

I am currently getting my M.Ed in School Counseling. I desire to see a change in our education system and an empowerment of our youth, creating a new culture. I am also passionate about art. all kinds. I LOVE: taking pictures, finding new boots, dreaming of white backsplash kitchens, doodling, painting, reading, making personalized cards, learning how to not over do gold accents, running, finding the perfect gift, the list only goes on, you’ll get an idea of what I mean… this is my wonderland.

I’m also deceptively neurotic. {super laid back} until something happens like I get a crazy idea in my head that the milk has gone bad, even though the expiration date hasn’t yet passed. You can ask all my wonderful past roommates, who took on the role of milk-smellers for me. I can’t leave the shower until it’s as hot as it can go; it’s a slow process don’t fear for my safety. I can’t eat bagels because I once heard Dr. Oz say two glazed donuts wouldn’t amount to the calories of a bagel and cream cheese. I do love bagel’s, and yes, I do probably eat things much worse than bagels or two donuts for that matter but that’s what I mean when I say neurotic.

thank you for visiting!


2 Responses to “about me”

  1. Toni 20 March 2011 at 7:45 pm #

    You are absolutely hilarious. Great intro. Looking forward to reading more.


  1. //hello « bits of wonderland - 25 January 2011

    […] about me […]

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