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//hump day

1 Jun

as they call it. (according to my friend nicole; i’ve never actually heard anyone else i know use this expression..but that could just because it’s awkward)

however, i do feel like i am getting over the hump (if that’s what this expression means). the past couple of weeks has been crazy with internships, work and classes among other things and feel like i am finally starting to breath. the main thing consuming my time as of now, are invitations! which i am excited about. and thankful for my dear friend rachel and her amazing mind and hands. they will be finished, i’m willing to guess in the next 24 hours. YAY.

other enjoyments… yesterday i spent the day in the dalles/hoodriver with my mom doing wedding things and taking a break at double mountain brewery  in the beautiful sunshine. i was considering not coming back, but fortunately for you portland, you decided to put an 85er in the forcast for saturday.

among my purchases on our adventure were a straw tote i’ve been longing for but holding out until the price was right, and $20 seemed much more reasonable than the offer i received from j.crew (though i do love you j.crew). and two books. TWO BOOKS I DON’T HAVE TIME TO READ. but two books worth my lust.

first, i saw on rachael ray a while back (to be clear, i don’t really watch day time tv unless it is regis & kelly or the last few episodes of oprah, so this happened to be the 1 time a year i deviate and caught this), a cook book by gwyneth paltrow called my father’s daughter. a tribute to the time spent with her father and their celebrations of life with food.

on first glance, i’m excited to try these recipes:

for kyle

for maria

for me

for everyone

secondly, i saw a trailer for the help. most likely on the 1 episode of rachael ray i saw 😉 i’m making it sound like i watch so much tv, or perhaps i’m in denial and this is my wake up call.


i was intrigued with the combination of my heart’s passion for social justice and recently finishing a class on diversity and race. AND since we all know the books are better than the movies i decided to read before (if) i watch.

so whenever the window opens in my schedule, so shall this book.


//food for thought

16 Mar

getting married is awesome. for many sappy reason. but also for lots of really fun reasons. one of them, food. last night, kyle & i got to meet with our amazing caterer. we met her when we went to look at our venue. she just happened to be there, and happens to go to the same church as us. she has been so helpful; having never planned a wedding before her ideas, questions and suggestions have given us a vision for what we want. we met her for drinks to talk about food. before we knew it 2 hours passed. the more and more we plan the more excited i get for our big day. but for now, i am stuck thinking about delicious foods. tomatoes, zucchini, lamb shanks, cheese, salmon, focaccia, peaches. yum.

all photos from kiss my spatula

ps: if you’ve never visited kiss my spatula, it is a beautiful food blog, really wonderful recipes and visually capturing pictures. recipes with pictures are always more enticing.