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//berry delicious

21 Jun


so i came home to a nice little surprise last night. just after i talked myself out of skipping that oh so delicious bipartisan caramel coffee milkshake (which i’ve been sneaking off with at least once a week), i wandered in on something that would satisfy my sweet tooth. and i have to say, the grapes are perfectly crisp bites and the blueberries are perfectly ripe, but in all honesty, these are the most delicious strawberries i’ve ever had. EVER. thanks mom!

today i wondered… how will i make these into a meal. and lucky for me, my whole foods app, which all i have to do is type in my ingredients on hand, gave me this sweet little number:


i will use grapes instead of raspberries or blackberries, with spinach and i might only have gorgonzola & blue, not goat. but i can’t wait til lunch time!