//making cards

24 Mar

i don’t know how it came up, but i have a pen pal. kind of (she hasn’t written me back!). my friend anne lives in eugene & suggested being pen pals. i think it was haphazardly but i haven’t had a pen pal since 3rd grade. so why not?! anyway, it seems buying cards is out of fashion. so i’ve been making quick cards lately. a lot of the time, when making a card, i feel a lot of pressure to put lots of work into it. but recently, quick little notes are the way for me to go. not overly complicated but personal. just a few ideas, all different but using the same supplies…

just card stock i cut the corners on, punched a hole in, and drew on…

the border is some of this fun tape found in most craft stores now days. i also used the baker’s twine to tie through the punched hole on the card.

these pastels are prismacolor, so fun to use. and the trick to getting the pastels to not smear–for the rest of eternity–is to put hairspray on it. i use cheap stuff i had laying around, doesn’t even change the color, though it will appear darker until it dries. (thank you ms. o’neill from when we learned the solar systems and used pastels for each planet.) also, i happened to be in the vicinity of one of my favorite paper stores oblation when i found that brown card stock/envelopes on sidewalk sale, 25/$1. i am still impressed every time i use one.

I used one of my favorite gold paint pens to put a more finished effect on the card. while i was in class…

used the tape to make flags, connected them with just a gold writing pen. did the border again.

just a little doodle on the back to make it nicer…

the end.


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