//shout out to runs brown

21 Mar

i stumbled upon a treat today. pop chart lab. first, i spotted the poster for rap names, and was amused in trying to find where my own rap name would fit. and then i thought of the person who would most appreciate this: ryan.

(pause from the original train of thought: i recently created a wedding blog and got to write about all of my bridesmaids in ‘meet the wedding party’ section where we get to share about the wonderful people in our lives. i am honored to say that ryan is going to be in my wedding, but naturally he will be on the grooms side, so i felt it best to leave that snippet to kyle. sort of. i’ve known ryan longer, so here it goes…)

i am convinced, running deep in our subconscious, we are both trying to foster the other’s undoing. i am also convinced this only makes us better. at least our egos as we try to outwit one another. it has been said, ryan is the boy version of me & i am the girl version of him. i think that becomes less and less true as we grow up but i also know there are few people who i can more closely relate with in sense of humor & slumming it & on the other hand, indulging in the finer things without crossing the line into unacceptable taste on either account. ryan (and his wife ashley, a best friend) probably have the bulk of funnier stories i’ve ever experienced. and ry is the closest thing i’ve ever had to a brother. the end.

now back to the posters. i included all of these 1. because they’re cool. 2. because these are all things i can imagine in ryan’s lair. and to give him an official shout out, check out his blog, adventures of beer and life.

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