2 Mar

Late one evening a couple years ago, Kyle and I took a trip to voodoo donuts, as we often did during that season of life. I most naturally ordered a “Dirt Donut” which has vanilla frosting and oreo’s (oreo’s are one of my guilty pleasures). Kyle probably got a bacon maple bar, or something with fruity pebbles (I really have no idea, we just usually have opposite tastes in things we indulge in, and I usually find his disgusting.)

Anyway, we met a man named Carl, likely homeless and likely high. But we talked with Carl and he explained to us “globo” which I will attempt to explain and will most certainly fail. Globo is a substance that makes up most of the things of the world, being rigidly controlled by the conspiratorial government. For example, the building we were facing would fit into a microchip-size charm that could fit on Carl’s shoe. I will have to stop here because it became too complex for me to wrap my head around and I think I am beginning to get a headache. But from this day on we called him Globo-Carl and he comes up perhaps more than you’d initially think.

Also, something to know, but maybe not care to know, about me is that I like to take on causes. To the point it has sort of become a joke. Even as a kid I would make my mom pull over to feed the people standing on the side of the road, write letters to the car lot companies who leave their lights on over night and waste electricity, my distaste for bulk water bottles thrown away once empty, the list only goes on. Eventually I diagnosed myself with “globo-chondria” which combines Carl’s idea of globo with the disorder hypochondria referring to excessive preoccupation or worry. It is important to note my globo-chondria has no cure, the passion will run through my veins forever. and ever. and ever.

This brings me to my final point. Yes, I am telling you all of this for a reason. Through one of my favorite bloggers, co-founder of soulpancake: gloriz, I learned of this crazy cool initiative Unheard in NY. This is an initiative to give voices to the homeless residents of NYC and allow them to speak for themselves. They provided 4 men with their own cell phone, unlimited texts and twitter account. By getting to know them as individuals, their social media presence creates real interaction and includes them in our global community.

I have usually found twitter slightly, sometimes overly, obnoxious but I think for the first time I am intrigued to have an account to follow these gentlemen. One of the men, Danny, posted a picture and his number in order to find his daughter he hasn’t seen in eleven years AND she contacted him the next day!!! Seriously, how can you not eat this up?! So moving and inspirational. You should check it out, there are a number of amazing responses to these men.

One Response to “//globo-chondria”

  1. Jeff 3 March 2011 at 9:21 am #

    When I was young, I was a Dharmabum.

    Back then, the hobos used the term ROBO (robitussin), which they consumed on the cheap. It sounds very similar to how Carl described “Globo”, and had a very tweaky side-effect.

    Maybe “robo-chondria” would be appropriate?

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